1000Kalamos € 45,000 4,250sqm with view to Chytra
999AmoutsisContact Office6,000sqm cultivated land on the corner turning to Diakofti, will listen to offers
995Feloti € 50,000 35,000sqm
988TryfillianikaContact Office2,451sqm, will listen to offers
986AroniadikaContact Office809sqm on the main road, will listen to offers
983Avlemonas € 120,000 20,000sqm, excellent view
983Palaiopoli € 100,000 6,796sqm, with sea view
982MylopotamosContact Office2,206sqm with a farmhouse and olive trees. Will listen to offers
975East € 300,000 30,266sqm near the beach with over 300 olive trees, great for a hotel development
972South-WestContact Office9,595sqm at the most popular beach on the island, will listen to offers
970South-West € 130,000 5,525sqm, nearly touching the ocean
971Frilingianika € 40,000 13,798sqm flat land
904Kalamos € 30,000 Olive grove, 6,690sqm
805Agia Anastasia € 120,000 7,556sqm views to the sea with Forestry Department papers
787Near Chora € 95,000 2,803sqm, 1,586sqm inside village boundary, with sea view
712Manitochori € 180,000 4,000sqm with olive trees and sea view
669Pitsinianika € 20,000 4,056sqm with open view
536Aroniadika € 95,000 Main road, 3,150sqm plus 1,080sqm garden with water, will sell
522Karavas € 100,000 4,710sqm, excellent view to the sea, with Forestry Department papers
523Chora € 25,000 7,500sqm with a view to Castro and the sea
363Agia Anastasia € 120,000 Excellent view of the Peloponnese, 4,700sqm
347KapsaliContact Office14,000sqm, will listen to offers
299Fratsia € 10,000 5,932sqm, 30 olive trees, with a view of Crete
310KousounariContact Office62,530sqm, will listen to offers
259Kapsali € 300,000 14,660sqm
258ZaglanikianikaContact Office13,000sqm Cypress forest, will listen to offers
209Karvounades € 20,000 2,446sqm
158Potamos € 40,000 4,840sqm
102ManitochoriContact Office7 buildable blocks with view to the sea
86Koumaro € 100,000 32,000sqm with Forestry Department papers
56Madera € 30,000 6,000sqm with Forestry Department papers with views to the west and south, fantastic price
9Strapodi € 60,000 6,797sqm with fantastic view
7Karavas € 60,000 17,491sqm with view from Crete to Peloponnese with Forestry Department papers